Apple so first technology company with a value of $1 trillion

Apple becomes first US company to hit $1 trillion value
Apple managed to record the latest value of the valuation of the company. At the closing time Wednesday, Apple stock value United States reached the highest point, namely the US $207.39.

For information, the stock Apple is indeed known to have already risen since Tuesday local time. This increase is far better than earlier predictions for the last three months to June. The increase makes Apple beat other companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft as the first company to reach a valuation of up to $1 trillion US, cited from the BBC.

Since the iPhone first appeared, Apple stock has indeed increased fairly rapidly up to 1,100 percent. While in the last year, the value of its shares continues to rise up to a third of the previous one.

A number of analysts are predicting a rise in Apple's stock in recent months is not separated from the company's decision to buy back stock with a value of US $1 billion.

In addition, Tim Cook as successor to Steve Jobs is considered to have a surefire strategy encouraging the growth of the company, as it is today.

There are two key factors that made Cook successfully. First, Apple is now selling the iPhone less but with a more expensive price, thus earning more money.

Not only that, Apple also has to diversify the source of its profits. The company reportedly generate about the US $10 billion every three months from the service of sales applications, cloud storage, and streaming music.


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