Apple's partnership with Logitech wireless charger for the production

wireless charger
Apple in September 2017 briefly mentions the Middle makes the charging mat named AirPower can be used to charge the iPhone, Apple Watch, until the casing AirPods simultaneously.  It's been almost a year passed after the announcement but in fact, the wireless charger that until now still not launched by companies led by Tim Cook.

A number of news mentions if the charging mat that would slide in September. Interestingly, the presence of AirPower never seeming to be replaced with the advent of Powered, Logitech wireless charger made for the iPhone.

In the manufacture of the device, the company of origin Switzerland it mentions if it indeed works closely with Apple.

Unlike the charging mat from the company of origin of Cupertino, California, the United States that is capable of charging the three devices at once, Powered only has room for one device.

Apple gadget made its limited to the iPhone, iPhone 8 8 Plus, as well as iPhone X only. However, it does not make it into the exclusive to one phone only.

In a release that the publication, this Logitech wireless charger BREW can also charge a smartphone that supports the technology of Qi.  The difference, Powered capable of sending the power of 7, 5W to a trio of mobile phones Apple, but was only able to charge the batteries of other smartphones with 5W power.

The famous company with a product called his gaming Powered already can be booked through the official site.

Available in white off-color, wireless charger was sold at a price of USD 69.99. The more interesting again, Logitech is not the only vendor who preceded the Apple success in creating a wireless charger for the iPhone.

A page on Amazon on behalf of Facever also has the wireless charger that can actually charge the iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. No matter the shape made it look like a mini version of AirPower. Same with Powered, the device also supports fast charging with charging capability of 7, 5W. The difference, Facever only sell his wireless charger is priced at USD 35.


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