Application of Cameos on Google now can be used with the iOS operating system user

Cameos on Google
Cameos on Google is an application used to find questions from fans, then record videos in response to the question. This application also allows users as celebrities to upload videos to Google.

Now Cameos on Google is only available in the iOS-powered device, and video can be recorded using the front camera on the menu FaceTime on the Apple iPhone. This application is assessed allows celebrities to answer the questions addressed to them directly.

On the App Store, Cameos on Google explained-capable allows celebrities to answer the questions fans with their style. Google suggest for celebrities to strengthen their presence in Google through the video with sound support.

Rumors and inappropriate information can tarnish the reputation of the celebrity, which has been built in the past who did not for a moment. Use Cameo on Google will allow celebrities to respond to the allegations and answer questions related to their lives.

The video will show up in a Google Search, the site of most of the people of the world are looking for information related to public figures or other famous people. Previously, Google presents an update to Gmail application with the features of the review conversation.

The Updates bring lever to enable and disable features, which were not available when the first conversation review feature added to Gmail some time ago. Gmail conversation Preview lets users browse the email reply more easily because it has been grouped.


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