ARM is reportedly working on chipsets specifically for PC devices to be able to beat Intel's chipsets in 2020

ARM logo
The ARM is one company making chipsets architecture focused on Smartphones. However, the ARM is now reported to be working on a special chipset for the central device of the PC. In fact, the company claims to be confident his artificial chipset can conquer this artificial Intel chipset in 2020. ARM's commitment to working on PC chipsets is proven by its bespoke chipset for Always Connected PC devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

Not just that, the company also expose chipset roadmap in 2020. Reported by Windows was Central, on the ARM chipset roadmap plan will make a special PC chipset will present with increased 15 percent better than the previous. The improved chipset will continue until 2020.

ARM roadmap

In the period of the ARM are sure their chipsets will have better performance than Intel, but Intel chipset performance record would not have evolved over the past two years. See the possibilities, it seems impossible that this could happen.

However, if later the performance chipset could ARM the equivalent performance of Intel chips for PCs, this will create more and more devices that use the ARM chipset, not limited to smartphones, tablets and other devices. In other words, will be more and more a PC device comes with an ARM chipset, e.g. Apple is rumored to be launching ARM processor with Mac.


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