Australia blocked Huawei as a 5G service provider for consideration of state security

Huawei company
Huawei reported back got a refusal to organize a network in one of the countries. This time, the rejection came from the Government of Australia related procurement network of 5G in the country. This step was taken with the consideration of the security of the State. The Government of Australia to call the companies ' involvement is considered to have relations with other Governments and with the rules of Australia ' is too risky, the report from News AU.

Although he did not directly mention the name of Huawei, many Parties mention that statement refers to the origin of the Chinese company. Actually, the discussion of blocking Huawei in Australia is already known to the public since June 2018.

 "It's hard to have compromised the telecommunication network into a matter of national interest, " said one member of the Liberal Party of Australia. On the other hand, Huawei denied it will submit data users in Australia on the Government of China.

This decision also imposes other Tiogkok origin technology companies, namely ZTE. The company is known to demonstrate its market a number of mobile phones in the country of Australia it. Huawei Australia showed annoyance with any decision taken by the Government. According to Huawei, his company has been presenting a secure wireless technology for nearly 15 years.

 "This decision is disappointing for consumers. Huawei is a leader 5G world,  "wrote in his Twitter. To date, the Government of Australia was reportedly still firm in his decision.


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