Baidu threatened to 'kill' Google if it returned to China

Baidu logo
Heard the news when Google will return to China along with the service cloud. This news came to Baidu CEO Robin Li. Li soon take a big step if indeed the origin of the United States technology giant back to China. In the official account of his WeChat, Li threatened to expel the daring of Google if they return to China.

"Google decided a return to China, we are very confident will do the ' PK ' and will win again," he writes as reported by The Verge.

Mere information, PK here is the abbreviated term "Player Kill", i.e. Chinese language used in the realm of gaming to ' kill ' the other players in the game with the genre MOBA.

In fact, both Google and Baidu are the same players who are engaged in the search engines, internet, cloud services, and the development of artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) for its products. Li also continue if Baidu has even grown bigger since Google leaving China in 2010.

"Chinese technology companies have led the country, and in fact all over the world; what we've done," he added.


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