Caviar made a special edition of the Galaxy Note 9 for $ 57,900

caviar galaxy note 9 fine gold edition
Samsung just released the Galaxy Note 9 weeks ago.  If it feels the Galaxy Note 9 was not enough premium, you can search for specific versions of artificial origin company Russia, Caviar. Caviar makes Galaxy Note 9 Special Edition is coated with gold. No responsibility-responsibility, they provide one kilogram of gold. Gold overlay Galaxy Note 9 is formed in such a way so that it resembles a gold bullion.

As mentioned by SlashGear, Caviar also provides other customization for a variety of smartphones. However, Galaxy Note 9 this is the gold-plated Special Edition the most expensive they've ever made.

Galaxy Note 9 artificial gold plated this Caviar valued RUB 3.870.000 or about $57.953. It is the price of Galaxy Note with 128 GB of internal memory. Whereas for variants of 512 overlaid with gold valued RUB 3.890.000 or about $58.260.

If you don't mind bringing your smartphone with weights one kilogram or attract the attention of thieves, then Galaxy Note 9-made Caviar is suitable for you. If not, maybe you should be satisfied with the Galaxy Note 9.


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