CEO Tim Cook will get a bonus of $ 120 million this year

Tim Cook
The achievement of this year Apple will make CEO Tim Cook get bonus USD120 million. Cook will get 560 thousand shares of Apple on Friday as part of their annual bonus. And if Apple does not surprise stock value down, Cook will get USD120 million. According to CNBC, half of the shares of the Cook get only he get if Apple's performance exceeded the two-thirds of companies in the S&P 500, an index to track the 500 largest corporations in the United States.

Cook himself who asked the related requirements of the annual bonus of liquid a few years ago. Apple's stock value rose 31 percent over the past 12 months, which means that their performance to beat 81 percent of the companies in the index 500 largest corporations in the US.

As mentioned by Business Insider, Apple also became the first company that can achieve and maintain the value of USD1 trillion valuation.

If Cook gets a bonus of the total value of the stocks he owns, this will be the fifth time he gets the maximum bonus.

In 2015, Cook said that he would give the whole of his wealth to charity. On Tuesday, he donated almost worth of Apple stock USD5 million for charity.


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