Didi Chuxing application is widely removed in China due to rape and growth cases

Didi Chuxing
A case of rape and a passenger growth of Didi Chuxing makes China angry citizens. The campaign to delete applications Didi began widespread.

Didi was the target of the anger of consumers, Governments and of course the citizens of China. The latest case horrendous murder and rape of a 20-year-old woman named Zhao in Wenzhou region, according to a statement from Bloomberg. Zhao is known to take a car Didi at 1 night on Saturday local time. About an hour later, she sent the last message to a friend asking for help, before it lost contact.

At 1 pm the day afterward, the 27-year-old driver named Zhong were arrested police and claimed to have been raped then killed the victim. The victim's body has been found and the investigation continues at this time.

Many residents are calling for delete any applications due to this incident Didi. A famous actress in China, Wang Xiaochen post himself remove Didi to 9 million followers on Weibo with the caption ' goodbye '. Many of the follower that then do the same thing.

Apology Didi in his social media accounts scooped up more than 500 thousand comments, with the majority of Zinger. Moreover, this was the second murder case in car Didi, where at last may, a flight attendant was also killed his driver. A lot of netizen wants to improve first settled Didi sense of security for our passengers.  "I wouldn't dare use the services again Didi, " wrote a commentary on the internet.


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