Didi Chuxing online taxi service was suspended because the driver killed a passenger

Didi Chuxing
Online taxi service China Didi Chuxing suspended after police made sure a good-looking evil rapine and killing a female passenger. Based on the company's official statement, the incident shows that there is a deficiency in the system. Therefore, Didi Chuxing would stop and do a re-evaluation of Hitch.

Didi Chuxing is one of the largest online taxi services in the world in terms of a number of journeys, cited from the BBC. Ministry of transport of China demanding action from a giant taxi online is to ensure the safety of passengers. Didi Chuxing any internal checks at once so that the rider education can give you a better service.

According to police, the 20-year-old woman calling the online taxi service in the East of the city of Wenzhou, on Friday at 13.00 local time. An hour later, she sent a message to a friend asking for help before it lost contact.

The driver who brought it was a 27-year-old man who touted named Zhong. Over this incident, Zhong was detained on Saturday early morning. He claimed to have raped and killed its passengers. Police investigations over the case.

Didi Chuxing mentions, Zhong did not have a criminal record before, but never any complaints from passengers against Zhong. In the complaint, the passengers pointed Zhong took them to a remote location, even trailed passengers after they came down from the car.

A similar incident also occurred in China last May. Then, a 21-year-old passenger who was a stewardess died after using the taxi service online Didi Chuxing in Zhengzhou. Any companies suspend and change services Didi Hitch, a service that paired the owners with prospective passengers. Over these past crimes, Didi Chuxing stated, the company is aware, there are many flaws in their customer service. In addition, the company also fired head and Vice President of the Didi Hitch.


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