Donald Trump considers that Google, Facebook and Twitter treat it unfairly

Donald Trump
The President of the United States, Donald Trump once again accused Google, Facebook, and Twitter that they perform censorship even though he did not explain in detail about it that's "probably illegal ". He also brings up the question of whether the platform must have a regulation.

This is an answer to Trump after a reporter asked about a bunch of tweets that Trump created, mentioned that Google's search results "rigged " so that it only shows the bad news about Trump. As evidence of the existence of this political bias, Trump said that he had lost followers in various social media accounts.

Yesterday, Trump said that Google's "took advantage of a lot of people's" and that Google, Facebook, and Twitter now exist in the region's troubled " ". Now, Trump discusses the problems he mentioned with more specific, as mentioned by The Verge.

 "I think, Google and Facebook and Twitter, I think they treat conservatives and Republicans are very unfair. I can tell from my personal experience. I have a lot of followers on a variety of platforms,  "said Trump, mentions that she has 160 million followers on different platforms.

 "It amount to much. But, I remember when we are in a different era. And all of a sudden you lose followers and you think, ' where do they go? ' They have disappeared.  "Trump admitted that he did not know whether the parties in the position of having the same problem.

 "I think this is a very serious problem because they are trying to silence a group that is very large in this country and those that do not want to be silenced," he said.  "It is not true, it's not fair, it's probably illegal but would we look forward, we just want justice."

When asked if   "justice" he meant means he will make the regulation, Trump said,  "Yes we just look at it later. You know what we want, not regulation, we want justice. "

The main objection to Trump is because he lost followers on Twitter. Twitter is indeed now are busy removing much of the spam account. While at Google, Trump is a protest because he considers the technology companies were manipulating the algorithms to display negative news about it. Trump is indeed not yet talking about Facebook, but some members of Congress protest that conservative media are not getting traffic as much as usual.


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