Facebook closes hundreds of affiliated account campaigns from Russia

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Facebook steps to crack down on fake accounts that are considered problematic is continuously performed. It is visible from the Facebook effort to close hundreds of accounts that are deemed not in accordance with the rules of the company. There are more than 650 pages and a Facebook group that identified unusual activity. After the investigation, the company found the accounts apparently affiliated with the campaign that came from Iran and Russia, cited from the BBC.

"We don't allow this kind of behavior because it wanted people (users) can trust connection that they do, " said Facebook in a statement.

Though still doing further investigation, Facebook mentions, the campaign is targeting users of internet services from the Middle East, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Facebook's decision to eradicate this kind of accounts does not escape from the clue of the security firm FireEye cyber. First, based on the report found a number of accounts which apparently promoting the propaganda of Iran and is connected with the Government of that country.

After your search further, similar actions are also a lot of that comes from Russia. However, there is no mention of the corporate relationship between accounts affiliated with Iran and Russia.

The company also has deleted the mention of the account that is called being part of Russia's military intelligence service known by the Government after the successful United States. After the closure of this, Facebook also shares the results of the investigation with the Government of the United Kingdom and the United States.


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