Facebook is struggling to overcome hate speech in Myanmar

Ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar
Facebook has asked third-party companies to investigate their social media's role in spreading hate speech on ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar. This investigation was held by Business for Social Responsibility, based in San Francisco, United States. Facebook party confirm the truth of this investigation on Vice News.

One year later, Facebook often gets harsh criticism because it is not considered hate speech in coping with an alacrity that targets Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar, as reported Engadget.

In March, the United Nations criticized Myanmar and suspect that occurred the massacre of the ethnic Rohingya in the country. The UNITED NATIONS also criticized the Facebook States that the technology company that has a role in the conflict. More than 700 thousand Rohingya Muslims fled to Bangladesh.

In April, activists-activists of Myanmar made an open letter on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In his letter, they mention that Facebook's efforts to overcome the hateful speech in Myanmar is not as hard as it is to say Facebook.

Zuckerberg replied to the letter, apologized for not aware of the importance of the role of Myanmar activists organization to help Facebook understand conflict going on there. To understand the conflicts that occur in Myanmar with more good, Facebook is sending five workers. Though they only stayed in Myanmar for two days, they meet with the activists and to discuss human rights issues.

Since then, Facebook is rumored to have been trying harder to eliminate hate speech and organization that waged a hatred in his social media.

 "If you've got more than one million users in a country and you know nothing about the country, you have to do the basic research, " said one activist, Victoire Rio on View News.


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