Google acquisition of the Benchmark smartphone graphics card application, GraphicsFuzz

Google company
Google has just acquired the company GraphicsFuzz application created by Alastair Donaldson, Hugues Evrard, and Paul Thomson. GraphicsFuzz is itself a software or application that provides services for testing the performance of graphics processing in smartphones, quoted from Venture Beat.

Despite that, the Google reluctant commented related this step. GraphicsFuzz's own party said that their technology will be utilized to improve the performance of graphics in Google's Android ecosystem.

One of the technologies of GraphicFuzz named ShaderTest GLES is able to find security gaps or bugs in a graphics card and processing capabilities of the graphics card in your smartphone.

GLES ShaderTest technology GraphicsFuzz own property was tested to find security gaps in Samsung Galaxy S6 and S9 which is derived from Qualcomm Adreno 630 that triggers the smartphone restarting by itself.

GraphocsFuzz is itself a part of the Department of Computing at Imperial College London College which then get support from UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Currently, Google is still reluctant to reveal the reason acquired the company. Allegedly this step as a way to present the graphical performance of Google Android which is now increasingly taken care of thanks to trends in mobile gaming.


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