Google claims to be verifying and promises to immediately release a fix for the Pixel XL charger bug

Google Pixel 2 XL
In the last week, some owners complain of the inability of the XL Pixel device filled with batteries utilize technology quick charge due to the Android update 9 Pie. Google then created two pages of Issue Tracker is different responding to this complaint.

On the first page, Google indicated that this problem cannot be fixed. While the second page being the medium of Google employees to get more detailed information related to this issue from the owner of the device Pixel XL problematic.

With the bugs that affect technology quick charger, users find the word Pixel mentions XL  "Charging " or "  Slowly Charging" on the screen of the device, and not "Charging Rapidly " commonly appears when this technology is functioning properly.

On the page of Issue Tracker is active, Google delivered gratitude to the owner of the troubled device because it has reported problems. Google also claimed to have told a team of technicians to perform its internal investigation further, known from Engadget.

Google also promised to continue after getting the update provides more information. In addition, Google estimates that these problems are caused by the update Android 9 Pie, which prevents Pixel XL to charge quickly using a USB charger-C non-Power Delivery.

Charger charging-capable 18W PD quickly available on the packaging box phone sales are reported to still works fine on the model 2 Pixel and the Pixel 2 XL.

Google's statement indicates that the Pixel OG also had problems caused by this bug.

Google also mentions Middle verifying the fix for USB charger-C non-PB and promised to repair the coin in the coming weeks.


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