Google employees protest the sensor-friendly internet search project

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More than 1,000 Google employees signed a letter of protest plans making it search engine friendly censorship by that company as a return present on the territory of China.  The New York Times Daily quoted a Reuters employee said that the company was demanding openness so that they know the moral impact of the results of their work.

The letter of protest was signed by 1,400 employees and outstanding communication system internal Google, wrote this newspaper by citing three sources who know the document.

The letter confirms that the project search engine and Google's behavior is to accept the terms of the sensors specified the Chinese Government's "moral and ethical issues trigger ".

 "We currently did not get enough information to be able to take a decision in accordance with ethics-related tasks, projects, and our work, " said the letter was written as the New York Times.

This Google employee anger triggered by a report The Intercept that the company was secretly creating a search engine that will filter content that is banned in China. In other words are subject to strict censorship rules in China.

The company is pulling its search engine from China eight years ago because of censorship and hacking.

The new project was code-named  "Dragonfly".  This giant technology companies previously condemned thousands of employees who signed a petition rejecting the contract with u.s. military worth US $10 million, the contract was later extended.

Google employees are worried about this new project since they likely don't know are making a technology that could help the Chinese Government hid information from his subjects.

The previous attempt Google stopped the leak and the conflict began to appear in their company by limiting access to employees on the latter project related documents.

This American company reportedly performed a series of attempts to penetrate the market back in China, including by finding local partners such as Tencent Holdings, to build data centers and services the internet cloud.

The difficulty U.S. technology companies doing business in China because the country's Government often blocks sensitive issues such as the Tiananmen massacre of 1989.  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and The New York Times also is currently blocked in China, although the Bing search engine owned by Microsoft could continue to operate.


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