Google Glass can help autistic children socialize

Google Glass could help children with autism socialize with others
Many technological devices are designed as means of detection of the disease is even made into therapy. One of them is the Google Glass help kids with autism craft made socialization.

npj Digital Medicine report children with disabilities Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has a bad disorder in socializing. The researchers then used Google Glass to help autistic children to navigate social situations.

With Google Glass, the researchers developed a facial-recognition software so that when they use these glasses are expected to be able to distinguish between emotions and facial expressions of anger, laughing, sad, happy to fear.

According to the researchers, the disabled, children with ASD have shown improvement in processing capabilities, as differentiating face fear of surprises and identify finer emotions.

 "To teach these skills to children with disabilities autism essential for the social and development closely related to empathy." said researchers like according to a statement from Ubergizmo.

This means that children with autism who have disabilities will be able to recognize the diverse expressions of people today are happy, angry, sad, unhappy, and so on, it is expected they will be better prepared to handle such situations directly.

In his trial, 14 children autism was chosen to test the system at a day home. Although in small amounts but the results are quite promising. 12 of 14 children was able to make eye contact a lot more.


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