Google got a lawsuit from Android and iPhone users due to being caught monitoring the user's location

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Response to findings the Associated Press about Google still holds the position of the user through the location feature is turned off, the internet giant reportedly sued by one of the original United States users named Napoleon Patacsil. This lawsuit was to the local court on Friday last week. This is called the lawsuit is an attempt to represent all users Android devices and the iPhone, according to a report from CNET. "Google clearly mentions the specific settings will prevent activation of tracking a user's Geolocation. However, the fact is that explanation wrong,  "wrote lawyer Patacsil in the lawsuit.

An internet company that is also called had violated privacy laws, including the laws of California. Not only that, Google's practices are also considered to violate the Constitution of California. However, the judge must decide first whether to accept the lawsuit. One consideration is to make sure this lawsuit may be made on behalf of all users in the United States that might have affected the practice of Google. Responding to the lawsuit, Google reportedly has not yet commented. Therefore, it is interesting to know the continuation of a lawsuit against one of the largest technology companies that.

Just for information, the case of an Associated Press investigation conducted. Based on the investment, it turns out that a lot of Google services on Android devices and the iPhone store location data users. And Google keeps the user location if they have enabled privacy settings which, according to the company's claims, no longer monitor the user's location.

Google is known to join in update rules regarding location history on the official website. This change was first known by the Associated Press. In the description of this time, the company strives to depict the whole rules reserved location history in its services.

 "This location is a matter of Settings (disable it) does not result in other location services, like Google Location Services and Find My Device, " write Google in its official statement.

The company also mentions some of the location data was indeed saved as part of the user activity, such as Search and Maps. Previously, Google admitted it fixed enable location, although users turn it off is to improve the experience when wearing a Google Search or use it to give a hint of the driver, according to a statement from Tech Crunch. This update is, according to Google, the company become a way to give information on setting your location history is more consistent and clear for the user including accessing the help page.


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