Google is reported to have begun the process of releasing the Android 9 Pie operating system, first available on Pixel devices.

Android 9 Pie
Google decided to offer his mobile operating system with a simple name, including naming its newest operating system on Android, 9 Pie.

The latest version of the mobile operating system is rumored to have started rolling on a line device Pixels through the over-the-water. Scrolling the operating system will also be soon followed by a series of supporting functions on the official Beta program participants from third-party companies.

Meanwhile, a number of other devices such as the Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo Pro R15, Vivo X 21, OnePlus 6 and Essential Phone, rumored to be officially promoting Android 9 Pie at the end of this year's autumn, along with the device Android One who pass qualifying.

Assesses the features presented by the operating system, as expressed in the Google i/o in may, Android 9 Pie will be armed with features such as Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness. The most important feature is estimated as carried by this new operating system.

These features will be referred to will give a good impact on battery life and power efficiency. In addition, the presence of add-on support Slice will notify the user various information note related to the alternative name Android 9.

With the App's Actions, this operating system also allows users to interact with the application through the new way, i.e. based on the context.

While Digital Wellbeing for device Pixel presented next fall, followed by One on Android and other devices at the end of this year.

Digital Wellbeing will be present with a set of tools aimed at restricting the use of cell phones users, time of Timer App to Do Not Disturb the new mode, the function of the Wind Down, and Dashboard to take control of the whole of the feature.

Google also reported the Middle collaborated with a number of partners to launch or upgrade the device to Android operating system 9 Pie in the year 2018. But unfortunately, not yet available information related to the name of the partner.


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