Google lost $ 50 million because Fortnite is not in the Play Store

The choice of Epic Games to not distribute Fortnite through Play Store is indeed profitable for them. The option is, in fact, detrimental to Google. The intended loss here is Google losing potential revenue value is unmitigated, reaching USD 50 million. According to the Sensor Tower, numbers hundreds of billions just to the year 2018 only.

This figure is calculated from discounted 30% of any income distributed applications through Play Store. Apple ever enacted similar rules for applications that are floating around in the App Store.

Fortnite estimated already provides infusion USD 54 million for the purchase of Apple items in-game. This figure is estimated to be still will continue to grow until the end of 2018, according to a statement from Ubergizmo.

Epic Games called already raked in revenue of USD 1 billion to date, and the release of Android will certainly increase the income.

Notwithstanding the steps taken Epic Games to launch on Android is unique, IE makes a Fortnite available exclusively (though just temporarily) in a number of Samsung devices, one of them in the Galaxy Note 9 recently launched in New York, United States a few days ago.


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