Google Pixel XL has problems with the fast charging feature since the device updates to the Android 9 Pie operating system

Google Pixel 2 XL
A number of users have complained of problems Pixel XL charging fast since updating the device to Android operating system 9 Pie. A number of units also reportedly experienced a similar problem after a beta version of the operating system is installed.

Units with this beta version are also called still having problems even when the final version of Android 9 Pie paired on their device. On the website of the Google Issue Tracker, users complain of fast charging technology no longer work in Pixel XL Android-powered 9.0 DP4.

The report concludes with a final status of Google's "Won't Fix (Infeasible) ", meaning that the changes are needed to fix the problem it is not possible, or that the AOSP is not a precise location to report Affairs.

Because this issue involves devices assessed had been adjusted or external applications. Another complaint discloses new problems uploaded with a tracking number, and this time the reporting Google asking to send information, including Android bug reports.

Pixel devices should support fast charging technology with a certified cab for USB-PD. When the cable is used, the cell phone is charged with a 5V / 3A current level and the "Charging rapidly" message appears on the device. The message no longer appears, even when charging using a USB-PD cable.

One owner XL Pixel screen displays a message that mentions   "Charging" or " " slowly Charging when charging the device Pixel XL using the charger for the technology. However, the problem was not found in the initial generation Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. If Google is investigated, the issue is not expected to be great for users of Pixel XL.


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