GoPro will launch its newest product three

CEO GoPro Nick Woodman
Briefly inaudible reportedly in quite some time, now the last GoPro would launch three product update. The company founded in 2002 that said if the latest gadget will go into the entry-level category.

Three cameras are called is the successor of the Hero, a device that was released in March and then for USD 199. GoPro says his latest products will not be ' killed ' high-end segment of those who can have up to around USD 700.

Not yet known for certain specifications as well as when they will launch the latest three cheap cameras that. This step was a result of their financial reporting throughout the quarter III the fiscal year 2018.

Although revenues were down 5% to USD 282.7 million, the achievement was successfully beating analysts estimates are in the range of USD 270.2 million.

In addition, any positive chart shows shares. After descending about 21% all year, now its shares began to rise to the level of USD 7.05 at the moment the stock market is closed Friday (3).

"Launched the latest entry-level cameras will give you an advantage against a profit of GoPro, " says Nicholas Woodman, GoPro'S CEO, quoted from Reuters.

He added if the company believes himself that he is capable of making a profit in the second quarter of 2018. In addition, Nick Woodman this call if the GoPro has still not hit by the outbreak of war between the United States and China rate so that its manufacturing process in China is not disturbed.

So it's certainly good news for lovers of the GoPro. At the beginning of this year, the United States companies are going through tough times. The performance of its business that continues to decline, and followed LAYOFFS of hundreds of employees and shut down its Division drone Karma, be the cause.


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