Hackers can track your identity by sweeping a finger across the screen smartphone

Researchers from Australia found the touch gestures on the screen of a mobile device turns out to contain information that can be used to identify and track user activity.

This startling report was presented at the CSIRO research team Data61 meeting entitled Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium in Barcelona last week.

Researchers reveal how users are shifting, pinching, and knock the smartphone screen can be used to track the identity and potentially violate the privacy report, known from CNET.

With their own-made Android application, researchers were able to gather data and touch gestures. From the data collected, the team of researchers uncovers up to 98.5 percent of the information about the user.

The research team warned this touch-based tracking can be used continuously to keep track of users, both on a smartphone or on a variety of devices.

"When regular tracking system was only able to track the identity of virtual users such as online profile, this new method potentially to track and identify the person using the device, " write the researchers.


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