HMD Global announced it would release its flagship smartphone, Nokia 9

Nokia 9
Since last year the rumor reserved Nokia 9 warms up, but not this phone as it is released. But suddenly Global HMD announced it will release a new device.

Origin of the Chinese vendor that does not mention the name of the mobile phone will be the introduction. But the postings from Global account Twitternya HMD mention the mobile phone is a device that has been long awaited.

Therefore many who later believed that mobile phones are the Nokia 9. Because this mobile phone news already spread over a long time ago, it had a lot of leakages, but Global still holds an HMD's flagship smartphone.

The plan would for directing Global HMD launch event on 21 August. Unfortunately, there is no mention of where the procession of new devices that will birth occasions, be it in China.

According to rumors, Nokia 9 will be supported by the processor Snapdragon 845. The screen will follow the Samsung and iPhone X using OLED.

Another rumor mentioning this phone will have a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen. In addition, like most another Nokia-made mobile phone, this phone will be also placed in the program Android One.

This means that the Nokia 9 will run Android. Most likely Android 9 Pie that has recently been released officially by Google.


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