Honor 8 and 8X Max will be the latest smartphones to be launched on September 5

Honor 8 and 8X Max
Honor reportedly being prepared to launch its smartphone class attended (mid-range), 8 x, in the market on 5 September 2018. Not just one series, the Honor would launch two smartphones at once named 8 x and 8 x Max.  Mentioned, the original company of China-made smartphone that will directly use the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo. Although there has been no confirmation of a hardware, is rumored to Honor 8 x and 8 x Max no longer uses the latest series of Kirin belonging to Huawei.

Based on the data presented to the TENAA (the Agency the equivalent of the FCC in China), Honor 8 x will have a dual-camera (16MP + 2MP) at the back of the camera, and a selfie with 8MP. To support the performance of smartphones daily, Honor includes battery 4900mAh. Both smartphones Honor has the fingerprint sensor is physically on the back, as well as a number of connectivity options like VoLTE 4 g, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Up to now, the company is still not revealing in detail specifications Honor 8 x, in addition to 7.12 inches screen size resolution FHD + (1080x2244 pixels).

Honor 8 x 8 x and Max will be the latest smartphone that will Honor says next. Interestingly, one of the new smartphone this Honor comes with a unique form of a notch. Appeared in TENNA, a device with the models ' ARE-AL00 ' will have the form of a sleek design. Though nothing special from the position of the rear camera doubles or the fingerprint sensor, this smartphone is known to adopt the trend notch into the design.

The difference from other companies that adopt the notch on the device, the Honor is known to be "borrowing " waterdrop design courtesy of Oppo. Chances are, the V-shaped notch will be present in Honor 8 x. While the Honor8X Max or Honor 8S, would have the conventional notch design.


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