Huawei confirm began testing the Android operating system 9 Pie in four smartphones

Huawei Honor 9N
Huawei is still reluctant to give official information related to Android 9 Pie, so up to now not yet available information related to mobile phones that receive updates of the operating system.

Interestingly, the original company of China offers a number of clues linked to mobile phone models that are planned to receive immediate updates to the Android 9 Pie. Mobile Division President of Huawei confirms that his company has started testing Android 9 Pie in four smartphone models.

The fourth model is Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei P20, Honor, and Honor 10 V10. The phone was reportedly Middle tested internally, so up to now, the beta program is not yet available to users. It also indicates the release of Android devices in the Pie 9 Huawei takes time.

The other interesting aspect is expressed by officers of the Huawei company was that the middle of considering to bring Android 9 Pie to other smartphones. However, this is expected to require the not for a bit.

Huawei must optimize both the Android and EMUI Pie 9. This is a factor that Samsung and other companies with the private property of the user interface have to do before releasing the main Android OS updates.


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