India plans to send astronauts into space by 2022

Narendra Modi
The Government of India said that they plan to carry astronauts into space in 2022. According to Hindustan Times, this roadmap to surprise Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). However, the space agency has indeed been trying to carry astronauts into space since 2004. They also mentioned that they will be able to meet the Government's plans were easy, report

 "Our country has great potential in the field of outer space, " says Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a speech on August 15, according to a translation of the Planetary Society, a nonprofit agency that promotes space exploration and science.

 "However, our researchers have a dream. In 2022, when India became independent, it's been for the past 75 years, a resident of India--men or women--will go into space with the India flag in their hands. "

The mission is named Gaganyaan. So far, there is only one person in India who has been to space, namely Rakesh Sharma. She runs a mission into space in 1984. He now also became an advisor of the space mission. The Mission of this time will be completely the responsibility of the ISRO.

The space agency has made the aircraft that will be used in this mission, namely the GSLV Mk III, which has been launched twice during this time. This year, India has also tested the system to rescue crew from their module.

However, the team still has a lot of Gaganyaan for the tasks they need to accomplish. They still need to choose and train a crew member, create a design space suits, preparing a rocket launch site and trained the astronaut in the field of BioScience. The Government estimates, the project will create 15 thousand jobs with a total value of about USD1,3 billion.


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