iOS 12 Beta 4 will not be supported with Battery Health feature

Battery Health
Apple officially released the fourth version of iOS 12 Public Beta, after the release of the fifth version of iOS 12 Developer Beta.

The biggest change in this Beta update is the absence of features of Battery Health, developed in response to the adjustment of performance on iOS devices with a battery the old models.

Features of Battery Health was first performed on the operating system iOS 11.3 however still with the beta marker, signifies this feature is still in the development stage. When Apple began to release the beta version of iOS 12, tags can still be found on the Battery Health, but on a Public Beta version 4, the tag is no longer found.

As information, the user will be able to find that the maximum capacity of the battery and how well the device works. If a new device, then the maximum capacity should be 100%, and the devices should be capable of showing the best performance.

In addition Public Beta at version 4, there is change icon on the News and Photos, dialogue to inform users of the associated Lyric Search in Music, the darker colored panels in the control center, and colored wallpaper more saturation.

In addition, the update is supported in the latest splash screen Photos, Family Members now in the pages of Screen Time, as well as fixes for bugs. Approaching in September, Apple continues to improve software for ready released to the public, supporting the launch of a new iPhone.

Up to this point, not yet available information related to the Organization of the annual Apple event in September. The information was ascertained to be announced Apple any time soon.


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