How to overcome the iPhone's Touch Screen that doesn't work properly

iPhone 6 Plus
How to repair the iPhone touch screen does not work - Technological developments have reached a high level by presenting a variety of innovations in various platforms. With increasing development resulted in the producers of technology in the field of electronics growing by leaps and bounds. Starting from various innovations created and produces outstanding products in each launch. Increasing the number of products being launched sometimes makes us as a user experience confusion in choosing products that are suited to our needs. By offering different options have different functions and features with high specification make us think hard to choose which products which we will use.

All products must have technology advantages and disadvantages of each. It is the deciding point of that product that has many advantages will certainly demand by society. So too with the iPhone are hits at the moment. In using a variety of technology products will certainly experience the constraints that may just happen. One example is the touchscreen on your iPhone. iPhone touchscreen is very important because all the functions that can be used on the iPhone screen iPhone started. When the condition of the touchscreen iPhone does not work properly, then you will also feel disturbed because of that. The iPhone's touchscreen is not working could be due to several things, storage capacity is too full, the iPhone has been dropped, exposed to air, or other things. These things can cause congestion touchscreen when used so that the performance of the touchscreen does not work optimally.

How many ways overcome iPhone Touchscreen not working, among others, are:


When you experience the iPhone screen does not work try restarting your phone. Maybe you don't realize that your phone too works hard to meet your needs so that your phone experience a hang. This can occur because you are too much run a variety of applications and performs multifunctional, so the condition of loading per each application becomes unstable because it is used for many applications that you are running. When this occurs, try to restart on your phone. With so may reduce or stop the application that you are running.

Clean the touchscreen iPhone (screen)

Clean the touchscreen iPhone

Squeeze in some time for a minimum of 1 minute to clean the screen of your iPhone. the iPhone that is used every day should be every day also the screen is cleaned to keep your iPhone screen is not damaged, and experiencing interference. When cleaning the screen of your iPhone, use cloth or using a soft tissue so as not to damage the screen of your iPhone. When you try to clean it with a cleaning fluid, then it should not be done because we do not know if your iPhone can be cleaned with a special cleaning or not.

Turn off the iPhone just for a moment

Just as with humans, sometimes all electronic equipment needs a break because too much to process various applications you want. Take a moment to turn off the iPhone for 5-10 minutes. The iPhone's touchscreen doesn't work there must be a just cause, try you think whether you ever do wrong things against your iPhone.

For example, you frequently access your iPhone not to condition the hands dry, or iPhone you ever drop, and so on.

Do restore your iPhone

When the touchscreen you indeed cannot be resolved with things above, then you should probably do restore your iPhone and make sure that before you do the restore, all data that you have already backed up, so when after a restore, you still access your data that has been previously backed up.

Why data backup is important? Because all the data you have is important and data any time you need. When you forget to do a backup of the data, it is possible that your data will be lost when the restore process is running.

Remove The SIM Card

Remove The SIM Card iPhone

It turns out that the problem in SIM card or external memory can also cause a problem on the touchscreen. Therefore, if the touch screen of your device is not functioning, then turn off the device and disconnect all the SIM card and an external memory. Once disconnected, restart the device.

Upgrade OS

Operating system upgrade can also be done to fix the problem the touchscreen does not work. The upgrade software is proven to solve bugs that occur in the device, no exception problem on the touchscreen.

The Call Center Of Apple

If it's all the things you have done and have not been successful, then you should come to the Customer Service Centre to request a solution regarding your touchscreen not working. In addition to asking for a solution, the Apple iPhone can check directly state you when you come directly to the Apple Service Center. That way you can entrust your iPhone to the Service Center. Make sure that you tell us the details of your complaint so that your iPhone can be handled well according to that you submit.


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