Lenovo and Motorola will still be launched Moto Mods in the future

Moto Mods
While companies such as Google and LG tried new approaches to developing a unique portfolio of modular, smartphone Lenovo via Moto Mods has greeted consumers. Motorola is reported to have prepared the latest modular accessories to the device.

Based on information circulating calls this modular accessory provided with connectivity support 5G at Moto Z3 easily, and is called will start to be marketed in 2019. However, it is still not yet available information related to Motorola and Lenovo plans associated with the accessory.

Earlier, Motorola launched Moto accessories Mods bring relief from Alexa, portable projectors, powered speakers, printers inspired Instagram, 360-degree content production, 10 x optical zoom, and an increase in the age of the battery.

The motto of this 5G Mods certainly will not be the last Motorola accessory, and is called will be part of a mobile strategy for the future of the device. However, Motorola was reluctant to mention the number of accessories that will launch in the future.

Meanwhile, Lenovo's Vice President Chang Cheng mentioned that Lenovo will be the first release of the smartphone world by relying on 5G processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. To date, Qualcomm is still reluctant commented highest processor 800 series related to it.

Lenovo also provides leakage of information about their new phone, the Z5, recalled that the Z5 will have a design with a thinner bezel than there are at the moment and with no notch or bangs. However, the bezel is not as thin as a rumor circulated previously.


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