LG will announce its 5G smartphone in early 2019

Smartphone LG 5G Sprint
Cellular operator Sprint has just announced a collaboration with LG Electronics to bring United States smartphone 5G first in the United States. The 5G smartphone will be introduced in the first half of 2019. While the specs and launch date official smartphone 5G it will be announced later.

This partnership is not only in the form of bundling a Sprint package but also the dedication of the presence of the LG device 5G have high specification at the beginning of 2019, reports from the GSM Arena.

Reportedly, this LG 5G smartphone will be supported by the processor Snapdragon. Qualcomm chipset manufacturer because it has released the presence of modem X 50 which is claimed to have speeds of up to 5Gbps. In addition, the chipset has 5G antennas that will work with signal mmWave.

Introducing smartphones 5G is something, but more important is the network which makes a smartphone that can be used with either.

Back at the beginning of 2018, Sprint announced that the six major cities in the United States are ready to have a network of 5G in the year 2019. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when this smartphone will certainly be used commercially.


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