Massive shooting shook game tournaments in Florida

Madden tournament
A gunman opened fire in the event of the tournament game in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Four people were reported killed and a dozen people injured over the action.  The incident occurred when regional qualifying for the tournament online games Madden 19 took place in GLHF Game Bar in the restaurant Chicago Pizza.  Dozens of ambulances and police cars arrive at shopping and dining venues of The Jacksonville Landing after a series of shots was heard.

The offender is known to the participants of the tournament. He fired on the participants before finally committing suicide. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff, Mike interviews William, principals named David Katz who came from Baltimore, Maryland.  One of the eyewitnesses on the scene is the Drini Gjoka. Via his Twitter account, he said, very lucky to be able to survive even though his hand was injured about a bullet spewed out the perpetrator.

"This is the worst day of my life. But I'm very lucky, "he writes.

"Lives could be lost in just a matter of seconds, " she continued.

This event itself adds to the mass shooting incident records in the US. Earlier, last February, the mass shooting took place in one school in Parkland, Florida. As many as 17 students and teachers were killed, dozens of others were injured.


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