Microsoft has just announced that Skype Insiders now has access to the latest feature, Spotify Add-in

Skype's new Spotify add-in
Microsoft announced that Skype Insiders now have access to the latest features of IE Spotify Add-in. This new feature has been released to all Skype Insiders in the region, the United States and will be available for Skype Insiders around the world in the coming weeks.

This new feature will allow Skype users to share your favorite songs with colleagues or family. Now users can review and share songs on application Skype, simply by launching the Skype panel Add-ins from the + icon and selecting the features to the conversation.

In addition to sharing and reviewing music, Spotify Add-in also allows users to search for songs, albums, and artists, as well as play music on Spotify. The Skype team undertook to ask users to provide feedback on this feature use experiences related to them.

Related availability in General, all Skype users expected to receive feature Spotify once completed Add-in to be tested by Skype Insiders.


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