Motorola has presented the Moto Face Unlock application on the Google Play Store

Moto Face Unlock
A number of devices have a feature called Motorola Moto Moto Face Unlock. The system identifier of this face lets users unlock the device with Moto phone screen gazing. Now, Motorola has been presenting the application the motto Face Unlock Play in Google's Store.

The latest version of this application brings the same system with applications Face Unlock natively compatible with the Motto. In the future, when this feature must be updated, Motorola can do an update on the application separately, without the need to coin update overall.

Motorola indicated that these applications are compatible with a number of models of devices, including Moto, Moto G6 G6 G6 Play Plus, Moto, Moto and Moto Z3, X 4.

To get the Moto features Face on device Unlock compatible, users need to access the menu Settings and Security & Location.

Meanwhile, Lenovo's Vice President Chang Cheng mentioned that Lenovo will be the first release of the smartphone world by relying on 5 g processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. To date, Qualcomm is still reluctant commented highest processor 800 series related to it.


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