NASA will send humans back to the month in 2024

NASA moon space station
NASA reported would send humans back to the moon. That information is submitted directly by the Vice President of the United States (USA) Mike Pence. While speaking at NASA'S Johnson Space Center, astronaut delivery missions to uncover the perpetrators to the moon would be done at the beginning of 2024. Later, the astronauts sent to the moon will also be able to stay for a long time. The goal is to observe the Moon more closely.

"This time, we will not be satisfied so just leave a trace on the moon. We are going a step further to be able to live there, "said Pence as offered by the Mirror.

As is known, the first human step on the walk on the moon when the Apollo 11 mission, which took place at 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969. However, there are no humans back to the Moon since the Apollo 17. The last mission to the moon took place in December 1972.

The United States space agency actually is already planning to build a moon station. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) also entered the stage of negotiating cooperation with NASA for a project of construction of a new space station on the moon.

The plan, construction of the station intended to send astronauts the United States and Japan to the lunar surface. This cooperation effort claimed JAXA as one step in Japan for one step ahead in the field of space. Therefore, JAXA chose as one of the NASA Space Agency developed countries to develop this project.

Earlier, Russia also decided to cooperate with NASA to build a new space station. The goal is the same as Japan, would like to advance the space industry in his country. The plan, Russia belongs to the space station will be finished in 2020.

JAXA and NASA partnership plan itself already contained in the report and proposals of the Government reserved a space policy roadmap the Government revised Japan. Proposals submitted to the Ministry of education, culture, sports, Technology, and knowledge of Japan. If there are no constraints, station construction project of the month will be running by the end of 2017.

Yet much of the information could be revealed from the Moon station construction project belongs to JAXA. Just a note, the funds will be issued the Government of Japan to build the station will certainly be very large.


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