Nvidia introduced the latest graphics chips that use the Turing architecture

NVIDIA finally introduced its latest graphics chip that uses the architecture of Turing. What are the new features in the graphics chip?

Chip architecture Turing comes with RT Core that serves to do ray tracing, a complex technique that claimed could produce very realistic lighting effects.

The effects of the ray tracing were previously used because it is not spending a lot of resources on the chip to render in real time. And Nvidia Quadro refers RTX-based Turing became the world's first GPU can do ray tracing.

This achievement also claimed as their biggest improvement in graphics chips after core CUDA which was introduced in 2006, a report from The Verge.

RTX Quadro products are indeed not intended for regular users who wear class GPUS for gaming, but for the professional user. This is apparent from prices that reached 8000 RTX Quadro USD 10 thousand.

With prices as high as it is, the purchasers will get a graphics card with 48 GB GDDR6 memory, 4,608 core CUDA, and 576 core Tensor. The speed of ray tracing the GPU reaches 10 GigaRay per second, with the performance of computing to reach a total of 16 teraflops.

This graphics card can also be paired with other cards using Nvidia's NVLink interface-made, which also supports standard VirtuaLink can be associated with a virtual reality headset uses a USB cable-C.

After launching the graphics card, Nvidia Quadro class in the near future will launch its consumer graphics card that uses the architecture of Turing. That launch will be made in the title of the Gamescom that will be held the next few days.


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