Opera prepares crypto money wallets in the PC browser

Opera is adding cryptocurrency wallet
Internet browser Opera service even planned to bring money wallet service crypto application directly on the PC version. The Opera will be the first internet browser provides such features, and not employ third parties thus Opera will manage direct money wallet service crypto.

The service that will be released by Opera is actually already present first for the mobile internet browser application on smartphones in June and will now be integrated with the PC version application, reports from The Next Web.

Although later transactions in an internet browser on a PC or desktop is done, all the confirmation process will still be done through Opera on Smartphones. The reason is that they utilize the fingerprint scanner sensor to record biometric user.

Future of biometrics as key confirmation, instead of using a form of keywords or phrases that are more easily forgotten as well as less secure.

Please note that this crypto money wallet service stored directly on the user's smartphone and not stored on another server that is prone to theft, such as cases of break-ins the crypto money service has already occurred in various parts of the world.

This technology also saves the security gaps, if one day you lost your smartphone, ensured the whole of your assets will be lost without remaining.

Realized presence features crypto wallet money is one way the Opera to adopt the latest technology. The presence of this feature has also become an attraction for Opera as an internet browser for the increasingly popular, particularly among businessmen money crypto.


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