Pixel users complain that Android Pie makes smartphones slow

Google Pixel 2 XL
Updates to the Android operating system Pie (9.0) has been released to Google device Pixel. The Android Pie could've used in all the Google-made smartphone series, ranging from Pixel, Pixel XL Pixel 2, to the Pixel 2 XL.

Unfortunately, the performance of the Android Pie in smartphone Pixel in fact not as good as imagined. Some users claimed to Pixel after installing Android smartphone Pie, they cannot run smoothly especially in performance power.

According to information reported by Ubergizmo, XL, for example, Pixel users complained about the charging features Superfast cannot work with optimum after updating their device to the Android Pie. Another case with user Pixel 2 XL. They complain if his sudden smartphone slows after update to the Android Pie. In fact, using applications in multitasking ever feels heavy.

One of the users named Pixel Bintoro, also admits the same thing. To Techno Liputan6.com, exposing its first generation Pixel smartphone into heat and slow down after update to the Android Pie. "This Severe heat. Internet via WiFi signals is also missing continues. Because of an update to this Pie,  "Bintoro said.


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