PUBG Mobile has reached 100 million downloads in less than 4 months

PUBG Mobile 100 million downloads
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile version is reportedly already exceeded 100 million downloads in Android and iOS. Tencent Games, game publishers unveil the successful achievement, earned less than four months of gaming as it slid in smartphones and tablets. PUBG Corp. mentions Battle Royale-made game, they become the most downloaded titles in 100 countries during the first week after its release, the report from CNET. Unlike in the PC and Xbox, the mobile version can be downloaded and played for free.

How then can this kind of game be profitable? Like other free mobile games, Mobile PUBG relies on in-app purchase (IAP).

Through this feature, players can pay to battle pass, arms, skin, and clothes of the avatar in the game. The achievement of this came just when PUBG game Epic Games, Fortnite, began this month launched into Android for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and other series followed. Reported by GameSpot, Fortnite already exceeded 100 million more weekly numbers on mobile devices in July 2018, when the game is already available for the iPhone and iPad.

PUBG Mobile has just announced a partnership with the latest series of Mission: Impossible film Fallout. Through this cooperation, new in-game content will be many nuanced films produced by Tom Cruise.

According to General Manager Mobile PUBG Vincent Wang, cooperation is at once part of the one-month campaign PUBG Mobile. Wang said such cooperation is something that might just happen to PUBG.

There is some content themed Mission: Impossible-Fallout that can now be enjoyed by players of Mobile PUBG. One of them is the background music and theme of a parachute which is now adjusted to the film. Not only that, the players can also exchange items themed movies to an avatar's Mission Impossible Fallout that can be used as long as the program progresses. Players can also compete in a number of modes like team rush, survival, and the first-person perspective to get a variety of gifts.


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