Samsung invested $ 22 billion for the development of 4 technology segments, especially AI and 5G

Samsung Plans to Invest $22 billion in AI and 5G
Samsung Group plans on implanting investment KRW25 billion ($22 billion) over the next three years to develop four new segments: artificial intelligence (AI), 5 g, electronic components for automobiles in the future and biopharmaceuticals.

To develop the AI technology, Samsung will add to the number of their researchers up to 1,000 people. These researchers will be placed in various research and Development Center located in Samsung United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, the United States and South Korea, the CNBC report.

Currently, Samsung is the biggest smartphone makers. However, they also have a semiconductor business, which supplies the chips to technology companies like Apple.

Their semiconductor business was also strong enough. Therefore, they have quite a lot of money to make investments in research in four areas.

Samsung says they plan to embed the total investment amounted to KRW180 trillion within the next three years.

These investments will include capital research and development also on display and semiconductor business. Most of this investment fund will be spent in South Korea even though they did not specify for what. South Korea companies that also said they expected to get 40 thousand new workers within three years.


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