Samsung is willing to share a folding screen with competitors Oppo and Xiaomi

samsung foldable display
Samsung seems to genuinely want to develop mobile ecosystem with a folding screen, to the extent that they answer the exclusivity of her folding screen to another manufacturer. The screen is OLED panel is made for a mobile phone that can be bent, and they've been giving samples of this panel to its competitors, namely the Oppo and Xiaomi, which is also planning to release a mobile phone that can be folded.

OLED Panel is actually a really exclusive, because unlike the flexible OLED screens used in the Samsung Galaxy S line and the Note. But they answer the exclusivity of this expanding mobile ecosystem and the increasing popularity of cell phones with screens of this kind on the market.

Samsung also naturally very sure could produce a better product than Oppo-made or screen usage related Xiaomi could pick it, although the price is also likely to be higher, as some of the Phone Arena.

Analysts predict if Samsung will ship at least one million folding screens at the upcoming 2019, and will increase to 5 million units in 2020.


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