Samsung reportedly will present Fortnite games for four months for Galaxy Note 9 users

The smartphone vendors trying hard attract the attention of consumers with a variety of its bid. This time, Samsung reportedly will bring exclusive, Fortnite game for four months for the Galaxy user Note 9.

Fortnite will be available exclusively for consumers who follow the pre-order Galaxy Note 9 for 30 days, with an additional three months, this information known from GSM Arena. The game will be available exclusively to Galaxy Note 9 for four months.

In addition, developer Fornite i.e. Epic Games will give the V-15 thousand Bucks to buyers of Galaxy Note 9. In total the game virtual currency equivalent of US $150.

V-Bucks used to buy various items in the game, including Battle Pass, skins, dances, emotes, gliders and pickaxes. XDA-developer notes, Fortnite now available for iOS devices, while Android still in the waiting list.

Epic Games is reported to produce more than the US $1 billion of the purchase items in the game, and it is rated as a reason the company hasn't been distributing Fortnite via Google Play Store.

Instead, Fortnite will first be available on the website Epic Games for a number of the device, after a period of exclusive Galaxy Note 9 over.

Samsung reportedly hopes to attract young gamers to purchase Galaxy Note 9 by giving special promotion Fortnite.

This special promotion is discovered by XDA Member, thesbros, Epic Games website. He found the description,  "Samsung pre-order 15000 V Bucks Promo ". In the near future, only pre-orders which will be presented by Samsung is Galaxy Note 9, so promotion is believed to the smartphone.


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