Spotify is reported to be testing a new feature called Active Media in Australia

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Spotify and Apple's Music service now comes with almost similar, thanks to offering the same price, but different related packages that they offer. Spotify comes with the package free with ads, things that are not owned by Apple Music.

In contrast, Apple's Music comes with a free trial period for three months, things that are not owned by Spotify. Recently, Spotify has reportedly had about 184 million subscribers globally, and 101 million of whom subscribe to a package by advertising.

Package free with advertisements that offered Spotify is supported limited features when compared to the paid premium version of dai's music streaming service. But the United States in the region, Apple Music now has more customers paid when compared to Spotify that still leads the market.

To keep Excel from Apple worldwide and turned over the situation in the United States, Spotify has a new feature called Active Media reported being tested in Australia.  This feature will allow users to utilize a package of Spotify free of advertising to skip ads, as well as audio and video back to their music.

Currently, customers free version cannot perform this action on their account with Spotify. Users can only get through ads in a certain amount, and the advertiser does not have to pay a fee to the Spotify advertisement to the user.

Spotify, which has become a public trading company, not to gain an advantage since the application was launched on October 7, 2008. Head of Global Solution Partner Spotify Danielle Lee mentions that allows users a free version passes the ads will help companies gather intelligence data that can be utilized.

By tracking which ad skipping, Spotify users will be able to draw up a profile of detail related to the preferences of the members. This will allow the player to perform the customization of ads and offers advertisers opportunities to participate better in the campaign focused.

Spotify call plans released globally Active Media, though not yet available information related to the time of these features can be utilized by the customer free version.


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