Tencent has lost market value of up to $ 150 billion

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Original technology giant China, Tencent forced regulators to pull the latest mobile games. As a result, the value of shares Tencent dropped 3.4% and its market value down to USD 15 billion.

Even in total, Tencent has lost a market value of up to USD 150 billion so the USD 420 billion in one semester. Tencent market value peaked in January 2018, reaching USD 579 billion. The decline in valuations is so great it due to the threat of a trade war with the United States and China slowing revenue growth in the field of gaming.

Content regulation agency China Tencent forced to pull his latest Monster Hunter game: World just days after it was released on August 8. In a statement released, Tencent said that regulators received many complaints about the game.

Monster Hunter: the World itself is a game released by Capcom, but Tencent has obtained a license to sell it in the platform games, WeGame. This game has sold over eight million copies globally. 

An employee of Tencent declared his amazement because this game is not considered excessive violence have elements compared to other games. He also said that Tencent has received a license to sell such games since March 2018. 

"Instead of not maybe you guys could still be blocked even if you already passed the sensor, the same way a film can be withdrawn after public screenings, " said Tencent employees who did not want to be called his name told Reuters.

Chinese industry officials said many companies are hard-pressed to get the license sale games since March 2018 due to bureaucratic issues. 

Tencent said that customers who have purchased Monster Hunter: the World can file a refund until 20 August. Users who have already downloaded can also still play the game, but Tencent does not warrant will continue related services.


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