Tesla's wireless Power Bank is sold for $ 65 immediately sold out

Tesla wireless charger
Tesla has recently been introduced with the features of a wireless charger power bank. However, before being sold to the market, this $65 for US power bank instantly sold out. This is confirmed by a representative of the Tesla. However, the provider of this electric car didn't mention how many units were sold and have not provided information on whether it will back the sale or not.

Tesla claims, his device was powered by cells such as those in the Tesla electric car battery, according to a statement from Business Insider. Powerbank itself has a capacity of 6,000 mAh with power 5W wireless and cable charging 7.5 W. Another feature is the ability of USB charging USB-A or-C, as well as the internal battery, can be charged by USB-A cable from the USB port.

Powerbank before wearing one 18650-sized cell battery, which is also used in models of X and S. However, for cars, Tesla is certainly wearing more than one cell to support performance. While from the specs, the accessory named Powerbank does not differ greatly from most products. Sale priced at the US $45, this 3350mAh capacity only power bank. Even though its capacity is not too great, the design must be admitted into more value from these accessories. Tesla designed the Powerbank appeared thin and compact making it easy to carry.

"Is designed and inspired by Tesla on Tesla supercharger monument Design Studio, " write product description this on the official site of Tesla. Power storage is also supported connectors lightning for Apple and detachable micro USB plug.

Considering these products issued directly by the Tesla, it's no wonder this product had sold out in some stores. However, Tesla's own still post these products on the official site.


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