The Colombian government uses drones to destroy cocaine fields

Colombia is using drones to poison cocaine crops
The use of drones currently is indeed very diverse, such as expelling birds from the airport or address illegal fishing. But the Government of Colombia had his own way to make use of drones.  In that country, drones are used to destroy the Koka plant field, whose leaves become the ingredient in cocaine. The trick is to fill the drone with a special chemical liquid and fly it to look for the Koka plant and then pour the liquid.

Colombia's President Ivan Duque claimed to choose the use of drones because of the negative impact on existing plants around Coca can be minimized. This program is also part of the initiative of the President of Colombia to stop cocaine production in the country was.

From the results of testing conducted in the province of Narino shows if the drone could destroy nearly 90% of the coca plant from each is targeted. Drones used in the operation itself is provided by a company named Fumi Drones SAS.

There are 10 drones used in this trial period, each weighing 23 Kg. Liquid carried by drones was called glyphosate, which is a chemical to destroy Coca crops, as according to a statement from Ubergizmo.


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