The Google Clock app for Android devices just received a new feature by connecting to Spotify

Google Clock app update adds musical alarms via Spotify
Google Clock application for your Android device just received new features, such as the ability to add a musical alarm. The latest version of this application lets users replace alarm sounds with their favorite songs.

To be able to utilize this new feature, users need to use Spotify, and this feature can function on the music streaming service free and Premium version. So users need to make sure that Spotify and applications on Smartphones Clock have been updated to the latest version.

Then users will be able to select the music they want to wake from their sleep. The app will also allow users to browse newly played music and choose from a curated Spotify morning watchlist, or search for a specific soundtrack.

In addition, applications of Clocked also allows users to continue to listen to Spotify even after disabling the alarm.

According to Google, new features will be released globally on the Play this week in Store, and will be available across the Android-powered device 5.0 Lollipop and so on.

Previously, Google has updated the rules for developers at Play Store and prohibits several categories of applications, including applications and applications cryptocurrency miners have the ads annoying. Today, Google officially forbade the existence of virtual currencies miner application. However, the application's "regulate the mining process of virtual currency from afar " is still allowed.


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