The import of the iPhone to Turkey was canceled due to the effect of a boycott by Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Import iPhone to Turkey canceled following an appeal to boycott by the President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The appeal seemed quite resonated where most citizens of Turkey comply with them.

According to the Daily Hurriyet, Turkey's media, a number of importers started to cancel orders of the iPhone in the short and long term to the country. At least three large companies selling electronic products specialist reported delaying orders of the iPhone.

"Demand has decreased. We also put on display in the local brand mobile phones and getting rid of my iPhone,  "would call a local phone counter owners.

The citizens of Turkey apparently began to join the boycott of iPhones. One student named Ozgur Altinbas planning is no longer using the iPhone and replace it with a cell phone brand in Asia.

"I am one hundred percent support this boycott, " said he steadily.

About 10 million citizens of Turkey using the iPhone is indeed popular there as quoted, known from Xinhua.

Turkey has become the market is attractive enough for Apple. The evidence is already there are two Apple Store in there that always will overwhelm the visitors. With demand so that the citizens of Turkey Erdogan no longer wear the iPhone, it could be that their business will be disrupted.


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