The latest Battlefield V trailer shows a bit of gameplay from the mode that is supposed to be battle royale.

Battlefield V
In the Gamescom 2018, EA had released some of the latest videos from the Battlefield V. In between the video showing the effects of the latest NVIDIA graphics card power, and trailer titled Devastation of Rotterdam. Interestingly, in the two-minute footage of seven seconds, there was a bit of a battle royale mode about leakage of Battlefield V, the exact minutes one second to-38. On the part showed a vast hilly terrain but is surrounded by fire and leaves room in the core.

Then demonstrated the tank drove as well as some figure of soldiers shouting like a tail. The viewpoint switch into view from the air showing the circle of fire above the more refined.

At its Center is visible there are some soldiers and soldiers who are doing the leap from the tower are exactly located near the circle of fire and then the video ends.

Part of the video seems to strengthen the presence of the mode of battle royale. However, the latest news from the Global Community of EA Games Star Wars on internet forums, battle royale mode on the Battlefield V will not be done by DICE.


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