The memory of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is mentioned to support a capacity of up to 1TB

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Ahead of the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 done shortly, diverse information about the leakage of this smartphone turns more and more popping up on the internet. The latest information about this smartphone memory attracted public attention. The reason, Galaxy Note 9 touted will have a super large internal memory.

This information was first noticed by the site SamMobile who find Samsung New Zealand upload videos containing information about Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 turned out to be able to support up to 1 TB of memory. That capacity is shared between 512 GB of internal memory with support external memory of the same size, quoted from CNBC.

This capacity makes the Galaxy Note 9 as devices with memory that is more than enough. Internal memory has a two-fold greater than most smartphones today.

Reportedly, 512 GB version will be available to the global market. Had heard the news, only 512 GB variant of limited gliding to the market of South Korea. Leakage rates for Galaxy Note 9 also spread on the internet some time ago.

For the standard version with internal memory RAM and 6 GB/128 GB sale at $980, while the US version of RAM and 8 GB internal memory/512 GB for sale with a price of U $1,210.


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